Mobile screen to HP notebook win11 method

For the mobile phone screen to the computer, is a lot of small partners will encounter the problem, the current market of smart phones can choose the form of one-click screen to operate, Xiaobian for small partners to bring the mobile phone screen to HP notebook win11 method, first of all, we can open Windows Settings through the shortcut key win+i, Click on the system option to project to this computer to complete, the method is universal oh.

Mobile phone screen to HP notebook win11 method:

  1. On the laptop, use the keyboard shortcut [win+i] to open the Windows Settings menu and select [System] option from the menu list.
  2. In the left list of system options, click “Project to this computer”, and on the right, change the screen projection option to “Available anywhere in the secure network” or “available in all locations”.

3, Connect the mobile phone to the same WiFi network as the laptop, then open the mobile phone system Settings, enter the “Connection and sharing” – “[[screen projection] option, select the screen projection device of the notebook name to connect.

4, wait for a moment, the laptop can receive the screen screen of the mobile phone, any operation on the mobile phone can be displayed on the laptop.