Mobile screen win10 computer failure solution

  1. Check whether the phone and computer are connected to the same WiFi. Note that the frequency of WiFi should be the same, which is 2.4GHz or 5GHz. If you find any inconsistency, connect to the same WiFi and try again.

① Click Settings -> Wireless Network -> connected WiFi on the mobile terminal to check the WiFi frequency.

② Click the WiFi icon -> Properties at the lower right corner of the taskbar on the computer.

  1. Check whether the computer is set to power on before you can discover and project the computer.

Settings -> System -> Project to this computer

Directly search for “Project to this computer”

Click Connect -> in the lower left corner of the taskbar at the bottom of your desktop to project to this computer

Power on the computer or turn off the option to search for the device again to display the screen.

  1. Check whether Microsoft Windows -FiDirectVirtualAdapter is disabled.

Right click on the taskbar window button -> Device Manager

Right click on My Computer -> Properties -> Device Manager

Directly search for “Device Manager”

Find Microsoft Softwi-FidirectVirtualAdapter in the network adapter, right-click, click Enable Device, and search for devices again for screen display.

  1. Check whether the SSDP service and WMPNetworkSvc service are enabled.

Directly search for a service, right-click the service, click Start, search for the device again, and display the screen.

  1. If there is a problem with the display projection, turn off the firewall of the computer.

Direct search for “firewall”

Right click on the taskbar window button -> Settings -> Network and Internet->window Firewall

Click the WiFi or Network button in the taskbar -> Network and Internet Settings ->window Firewall

Click private network/public network, close the firewall, and search for the device again to display the screen.

  1. Check whether the graphics card or NIC driver supports Miracast.

For details, see “How to Check Whether My win10 Computer Supports Miracast Wireless Screen Projection Function” above. If the driver does not support the driver upgrade. If the PC is equipped with an integrated graphics card or an independent graphics card and one of the two cards does not support it, you can enable the supported graphics card for screen projection.

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