As a century old household appliance brand, sharp has always possessed the technology driven gene and is committed to providing users with quality products with outstanding picture quality, fashionable appearance and powerful performance. Since the exposure of sharp q series TV, it has gained wide attention from consumers and the industry, and accumulated high popularity. On March 19, sharp q-series TV was put on sale in sharp Jingdong’s own flagship store. With the blessing of high-quality audio-visual technology, sharp q-series TV is equipped with sharp classic full screen and supports functions such as national karaoke to add color to users’ quality life.

Japanese precision technology creates immersive experience

Enjoying the reputation of “father of LCD”, sharp has been providing users with extraordinary visual experience with advanced technology and ingenuity. Throughout the current market, when encountering dark scenes such as dark night and backlight, some TV products will appear the phenomenon of gray screen. Sharp q series TV panel can precisely control the deflection direction of liquid crystal molecules, improve the backlight transmittance, make the bright color rich and full, dark color transition delicate, perfect solution to the problem of gray screen. Equipped with 4K resolution technology, sharp q series TV has 3840 * 2160 resolution, presenting fine images 4 times the resolution of FHD for users, enjoying the natural color authenticity, and adopting hdr10 decoding to adjust the details frame by frame in dynamic image rendering, showing the beauty of light and shadow flow and level without damage.

And sharp q series TV imaging effect is equally outstanding, but also its excellent performance in sound quality. Sharp q-series TV has built-in fever level Dolby audio decoding technology to fine process the sound and realize deep and full sound effect, vivid details and crisp and pleasant dialogue. With the built-in 2.0 channel, you can also enjoy the stereo surround sound effect comparable to the scene in the living room.

Full size, unlimited view

TV is the soul of family social entertainment and the “c-position responsibility” of the living room. Sharp q series TV covers different sizes of 55, 60, 65, 70 and 75 inches, providing a new solution for different families to create an ideal living room. In terms of appearance, the appearance design of q-series TV black metal is simple but not simple, which is suitable for various modern home styles. Inspired by ukiyo, sharp has developed a new wave type indicator light for Q series, showing the beauty of flow and Japanese taste and style at the same time.

It is worth mentioning that sharp q series TV is equipped with a full screen, which breaks through the limitation of TV frame, obtains a higher screen proportion, and brings effective visual extension, so that you can enjoy the boundless vision.

National karaoke upgrade, unlock new scenes of family entertainment

In response to the upsurge of “music TV”, sharp q-series TV has built in the upgraded version of national karaoke, which successfully connects the popular national karaoke activity to the color TV terminal. Users can use it freely after upgrading the software. Equipped with a massive music library updated every week, the upgraded version of national karaoke can meet users’ various preferences. Sharp q-series TV also deeply adapts the surround sound field karaoke microphone for users, and the application itself can complete the operation of tuning, modifying, changing, etc., forming the same sound field with the TV loudspeaker, enhancing the surround stereo sound effect, and realizing the karaoke effect with more space immersion.

In the past, the traditional color TV products mainly undertook the audio-visual function of TV program broadcasting. The lack of interaction and poor entertainment became the key of color TV being criticized by consumers. Nowadays, sharp q series TV has greatly increased the interactivity and entertainment of color TV with the upgraded version of national karaoke, TV assistant and other intelligent applications, unlocking more new scenes of family entertainment, so that consumers can enjoy family happy time.

Sharp q series TV has both high quality and high cost performance, which can not only bring users immersive audio-visual enjoyment and simple and efficient intelligent applications, but also unlock the new experience of smart home life. In the future, sharp will stick to its original intention, provide more high-quality products and enjoy quality home life with sincerity and innovative spirit. For more information about sharp q series TV, please visit sharp Jingdong self owned flagship store.

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