How to operate

when multiple images are projected wirelessly to one display screen? Four hosts share one display, and there are two ways to output signals at the same time, one is the splitter, and the other is the Bijie multi screen cooperative terminal.

method 1. Connection mode of HD 4 picture splitter:

HD 4 picture splitter generally has 10 sockets, 4 HDMI / VGA inputs and 1 HDMI / VGA output.


respectively connect the four computers to the splitter through wired mode, and then connect the output interface to the large screen.

method 2. Wireless projector

take Bijie multi screen cooperative intelligent terminal as an example.

connection mode:

1. Connect the Bijie multi screen cooperation terminal to the display screen;

2. Laptop and computer screen projection: ① Win + K native protocol screen projection, ② insert the USB transmitter supporting the multi screen cooperation terminal into the computer and press the button.

Android mobile phone and tablet screen projection: open the built-in “wireless screen projection” function or install Bijie screen projection app, search Bijie terminal, connect and start screen projection.

Apple phone and tablet screen projection: open the built-in “screen image” function or install Bijie screen projection app, search Bijie terminal and connect to start screen projection.


warm tips: the wireless projection of mobile phones and tablets needs to be in the same LAN as the projector box. Comments on


: because the splitter adopts wired mode, it only supports notebooks and computers at present, and the line needs to be plugged in and out again every time. Bijie multi screen cooperation terminal can be mobile phone, tablet, notebook and computer. It only needs to use the wireless screen projection function of the device or use the installed software.

Bijie network is an enterprise level wireless screen projector manufacturer. The self-developed and produced Bijie multi screen cooperative screen projection terminal can realize the number of 30fps frames. Combined with 4K transmission, the picture is clear and accurate, and supports the synchronous display of 4 pictures. Therefore, it can be easily projected in conference rooms, press conferences, classrooms and other places, bringing professional help to users in more fields.