multi screen display is a high-performance multi screen card designed for the deeper application requirements of today’s PC. It enables a PC to support multiple VGA displays, televisions, BSV LCD splicing screens or DVI digital flat panel displays. It is specially designed for today’s graphics and image applications, especially for the development, design, editing, control and multimedia of various operating parameters under windows.

what is multi screen display

the so-called multi screen display means that a computer host is equipped with multiple displays at the same time, so that your computer can realize the function of multi screen display. Generally speaking, a computer host is usually equipped with only one monitor, but if you plug a Bijie projector into the USB interface outside your computer host, you can equip your computer with one more monitor, and so on. A computer host can be connected with multiple monitors.


multi screen displays are not simply multiple displays displaying multiple identical contents, but different images are displayed on multiple screens, and spliced combined large images can be displayed. For example, a multi screen display card with 4 screens can be connected to 4 monitors, which can not only display part of the screen separately and form a picture together, but also display different pictures respectively. The mouse and window can also roam between screens without any software changes. If the

main device

needs to realize the multi screen function of the computer, it needs to connect a Bijie screen projector to the USB outside the computer host.

product category

Bijie projector plays an irreplaceable role in the function of multi screen display. However, the interfaces of displays on the market are not unified at present, mainly including USB to VGA interface, USB to DVI interface, USB to HDMI interface, USB to DP interface, etc. It is widely used in “spekds” display system; Fire control, meteorology, railway, aviation and other monitoring systems; Video conference, business conference, smart classroom, college classroom, home theater, query system, etc.