Multi-screen display is so easy

Multi-screen display is becoming more and more necessary for enterprise office, BJ66 wireless terminal can display up to 6 ways on the same screen, BJ80 wireless terminal can display up to 9 ways on the same screen, adopt high-definition advanced technology, support BYOD function, mobile phones and computers can wireless screen projection, Compatible with AirPlay, Miracast, WiDi, Googlecast, HUAWEI Cast+, BJCast screen projection protocols; Customers can choose to directly cast the screen without downloading software, which is simpler to use, so that you can work, play and learn more efficiently and enjoy a broader vision.
Betjet Wireless terminals have the following features:
1. High definition: Support 4K HD resolution, delicate and clear display, presenting more real colors;
2. Multi-screen expansion: Support multi-window operation, can connect two devices at the same time, to achieve multi-screen interaction, improve work efficiency;
3. Save time and effort: Support BYOM function, wireless access to the USB interface camera, microphone, audio equipment, to further realize the wireless conference, more convenient.
4. High reliability: the use of high-quality materials, exquisite workmanship, to ensure product stability, durability and service life.
Multi-screen display is suitable for all types of people, especially professionals who need to use multi-screen, game players, designers, educators, etc. It can meet people’s needs for fast switching between multi-tasks, high quality performance, so that your work and play more smoothly!