multi screen interaction, DLNA, miracast, Huawei mobile multi screen interaction and computer operation?

if your Huawei mobile phone supports multi screen interaction, the operation method is as follows:

1. Open the “Gallery” application under the condition of ensuring the correct network connection, open any picture, click the picture, and find the entry icon of multi screen interaction on the picture (different emui versions may have different positions, but it will not be displayed or gray when the network is not connected).

2. Click the multi screen interactive icon to pop up the list of currently discoverable multi screen devices, including mirror, DLNA and miracast devices.

the three devices that can be connected in multi screen interaction will be displayed with different icons:

mirror device:

DLNA device:

miracast device:

(the outer border of emui4. X and emui5.0 is different, and the one in the red box is the same)

3. Click the corresponding device icon to push the current picture to the selected device.


if the multi screen interaction switch is not found in the music / video player interface, please follow the following steps:

1. If the device supports mirror or miracast, please click the open multi screen interaction icon in the mobile phone pull-down switch menu and open the list of devices that can interact with multiple screens. At this time, all operation screens of the mobile phone will be projected onto the device.

2. If the device only supports DLNA, it only supports pushing the local media of the system’s own music / video player to the device.

3. Multi screen interactive icons in music can only be seen in the single music playing interface.

4. Please consult relevant equipment suppliers for specific agreements.