Multi screen interaction-How can LG monitors achieve multi-screen interaction?

Taking LG TV ub8300 as an example, it supports DLNA function, so it can establish a DLNA connection with the computer to achieve multi-screen interaction; The method is as follows:

1.The television and computer must be connected to the same router network, forming a small local area network;

2.Turn on the TV and enter the main interface of the smart TV;

3.Find the system settings, turn it on, find the DLNA function, turn it on, and put the TV in a standby state;

4.Open the computer, download and install software that supports DLNA functionality, taking Thunder Video as an example;

5.After installation, open Xunlei Video, find DLNA Play on the software toolbar, and once enabled, start searching for nearby devices. After finding the name of the TV, click to establish a connection;

6.After successful connection, the video played on the computer will be synchronized to the TV for playback.