Multi screen interaction, how can smart TV realize multi screen interaction? What is the multi screen interaction of

TV? In short, it is to realize wireless multi screen connection between computers, mobile phones and TV. At present, the multi screen interactive scenes used are watching movies, working and playing games.

in daily life, multi screen interaction is a more practical function in TV. You can project movies on your mobile phone to TV, share pictures on your tablet on TV, or synchronize the content on your computer to TV, etc.

protocol turns on

note: the multi screen interaction function of this way requires that the signal source (mobile phone / computer) and smart TV adopt the same signal transmission protocol. Android phones are DLNA and miracast, and apple phones are airplay

1 What conditions does miracast need to use?

A. mobile phones and TVs need to support miracast

B. mobile phones and TVs are connected to the same network

2 How to use miracast function for multi screen interaction?

select multi screen interaction in the mobile phone setting interface, and then select the TV name.

use the third-party software

1 What are the easy-to-use projection software?


can choose several better third-party projection software from the application market.

2. What conditions does the projection software need to use?

mobile phone and TV are connected to the same network.

3. How to use third-party software for multi screen interaction?


open the projection software in the TV (take Bijie projection TV version as an example). Now the Bijie projection TV version is installed on the TV, and select to connect the TV in the Bijie projection app of the mobile phone. After the prompt of successful connection appears, click the TV button below to complete the screen projection.