Multi screen interaction, how to multi screen interaction in the office of the conference room,

enterprises only need a wireless screen projector to meet the upgrading and transformation of wireless screens of current enterprises. To put it simply, wireless projection is to wirelessly project the screens of mobile phones, pads, notebooks and PC computers on the large screen, and then we will carry out conference demonstration, scheme discussion, data comparison, information sharing and other purposes on the large screen.

wireless projection conditions: in the same LAN environment,

enterprise wireless projection is generally wireless projection in the corporate LAN environment. Bijie multi screen cooperative projection equipment supports AP hotspots. It is nothing more than that in the environment with network, the content of wireless screen projection is more. In the absence of network, the computer can only wirelessly screen local resources, and the mobile phone can wirelessly screen while 4G network.


sending end devices: mobile phones, pads, notebooks and PCs.


Bijie multi screen cooperative projection devices support smart phones, tablets, notebooks and desktop computers, and support Android, IOS, windows and MAC systems on the system. Mobile phones, pads, laptops and PC computers can be used for wireless screen projection and multi screen interaction, and these things are not lacking in both individuals and enterprises.

receiving end equipment: projector, all-in-one machine, LED display screen

Bijie multi screen cooperative projection equipment is connected to the large screen display equipment through HDMI line, and only the display screen of HDMI interface can be on the receiving end equipment. Traditional conference rooms use projectors. Now conference rooms use all-in-one business machines and LED display screens, which can be used as receivers.

enterprise wireless projection connection

1. Connect the wireless projection device with the display screen and enter the company’s network wirelessly or wired;

2. Mobile phones, pads, laptops and PC wireless projection

Android phones and tablets can download and install projection software for projection, or use the built-in wireless projection function;


IOS devices such as apple mobile phone, iPad and MAC use their own screen mirroring function to connect the wireless projector for wireless screen projection;


windows computers and laptops can use Bijie screen projection client or USB transmitter for wireless screen projection in addition to widi screen projection.