Multi screen interaction, how to realize wireless projection and multi screen interaction of TV, and what is the multi screen interaction of

smart TV? In short, it is to realize wireless screen projection between computer, mobile phone and TV, so as to project mobile phone and computer pictures onto large screen TV.

at present, most of the scenes that can use multi screen interaction are when watching movies, working and playing games. Let’s see how to make TV realize multi screen interaction

method 1. The software opens multi screen interaction

1 Ensure that the mobile phone and smart TV are in the same WiFi environment (LAN);

2. Install the mobile phone and TV at the same time and open the Bijie projection client (which can be installed in dangbei market)


3 Select the TV name on the screen projection client of Bijie for matching;

4. Prompt that the connection is successful, and the mobile screen will be synchronously played to the smart TV.

method 2. Protocol screen

1 First, ensure that the signal source (mobile phone or computer) and smart TV are in the same WiFi environment (LAN);

2. Enter the smart TV system settings, find the DLNA function and turn it on;

3. Open the playback software of the mobile phone or computer, and after playing the movie, open DLNA playback (right click the computer to select, and the mobile phone to click the “TV” icon in the upper right corner);

4. The player will pop up the DLNA device search window, select your own smart TV and select the OK link. Note: the multi screen interaction function in this way requires the signal source (mobile phone / computer) and smart TV to adopt the same signal transmission protocol. The Android phone is miracast and the Apple phone is airplay