multi screen interaction, smart office, what kind of occasions do we usually use multi screen interaction?


multi screen interactive technology refers to that different operating systems (IOS, Android, win7, Windows XP, vista, etc.) and different terminal devices (smart phones, smart tablets, computers, TVS) can be compatible with each other, cross operation, and realize the transmission of digital multimedia (high-definition video, audio, pictures) content through wireless network connection, so as to synchronize the display content of different screens, A series of operations such as control equipment can be realized through intelligent terminal.

(I) multi screen interactive content dissemination.


multi screen interactive content communication refers to displaying different communication contents according to different terminal forms. The content dissemination based on multi screen is not the synchronous dissemination of the dissemination content on the mobile phone, pad and other terminal screens. But based on different terminals, different content display methods and communication solutions are given. In the whole communication process, the role of the audience gradually changes from one-way receiving information to two-way interactive role. One of the important research contents of multi screen interactive communication is the content communication mechanism of multi screen interaction, that is, how to accurately customize and disseminate personalized content according to the characteristics of different screen terminals.

(II) technical realization of multi screen interaction.


at present, the integration of three networks is constantly improved and developed, and the technology of multi screen interaction is changing with each passing day. Based on wireless Internet and cloud computing technology, we can unify and integrate different terminals in modern home, business, education, entertainment and other environments, form a multi screen digital device with mobile Internet media and TV media as the main operation carrier, pad, vehicle screen, building splicing screen, projector and other multi screen digital devices connected with each other, and realize interactive manipulation, content sharing and function integration.