multi screen interaction. The function of multi screen interaction includes the following modes from the perspective of the function of multi screen interaction.

multi screen interaction refers to that the communication content can be seamlessly connected and transmitted between mobile phones, TVs, pads, outdoor screens, digital electric screens and other terminal devices, and can be well compatible on each terminal to realize the communication and interaction of digital multimedia content across media and wide coverage. Through the real-time control of intelligent terminal, the contents displayed on various screens can be synchronized, and the interaction between terminal and user, user and user, and terminal and terminal can be completed.

from the function of multi screen interaction, it includes the following three modes:

a) content sharing mode: that is, multi screen interaction is realized between different devices by sharing media content or links of media content;

B) screen sharing mode: that is, different devices share the screen of the system or the screen in the application to realize multi screen interaction;

C) remote control mode: that is, one device controls another device to realize the interaction between multiple screens.