Multi screen interaction vs wireless display

When talking about screen casting, many people often confuse multi screen interaction with wireless display. Multi screen interaction and wireless display are devices connected to WiFi, and realize screen conversion between devices through miracast, airplay, DLNA and other protocols.

However, there are differences between multi screen interaction and wireless display. From the names of the two, we know that multi screen interaction naturally emphasizes “many”. So, Where exactly is it?

multi screen interaction and wireless display

Difference one: “multi” control

Ordinary wireless display can’t realize the mutual control between devices, only one-sided screen display can be realized;

Otherwise, multi screen interaction can realize mutual control, content sharing and function integration between devices.

Difference two: ”multi”  impact

Generally, wireless display can only achieve one-way  projection, and we can only operate at the signal end or the receiving end of the projection;

Multi screen interaction can affect the devices on both sides whether it is operated at the transmitter or the receiver.

Difference two: ”multi”  conversion

Wireless project is just a kind of amplification of small screen, which also supports one to many displays, that is, the receiver can be multiple large screens;

Multi screen interaction is not only the display from small screen to large screen, but also the large screen can be displayed on the small screen.