Multi screen interaction, what is multi screen interactive wireless projection technology,

multi screen interaction refers to the use of flash protocol, miracast protocol, airplay protocol, etc., connected through WiFi network on different multimedia terminals (such as common smart terminal devices based on IOS, Android and other operating systems, such as mobile phones, pads, TVs, etc.).

multi screen interaction can be connected and converted through special connection equipment. For example, movies on mobile phones can be played on TV, pictures on tablets can be shared on TV, and computer content can be projected on TV. The first mock exam of mobile phone is not only limited to PC, mobile phones and other single mode marketing, but also in many fields such as PC, mobile phone, tablet, TV and so on in the era of multi screen era of


. The same product of


can be displayed on a variety of different terminals, which can not only meet the needs of users for different terminals, but the most important thing is that this multi screen interactive mode is more conducive to the launch of video websites and is a great help to their profits.

five common shared projection protocols: first, DLNA (initiated by Sony, Intel, Microsoft, etc., which is commonly used in the interconnection technology of wireless networks and wired networks including mobile devices)

second Widi (the full name of Intel wirelessdisplay is wireless HD technology, which realizes the wireless connection between computer and display device through WiFi signal. After Intel released Capella mobile platform, widi technology has been used in related products.)

III. airplay (Wireless Technology launched by apple in the United States)

IV. flash link (the protocol standard jointly initiated by Lenovo, TCL, Konka, Hisense and great wall supports intelligent interconnection, resource sharing and collaborative services of various 3C devices, and realizes a new network architecture of “3C devices + network operation + content / service”)

v. Wi Fi certified miracast announced by miracast Wi Fi Alliance on September 19, 2012 ™ Certification program. Miracast devices provide simplified discovery and setup, and users can quickly transmit video between devices.

Bijie multi screen interactive wireless projection technology not only supports simple screen to screen projection and playback, but also supports multi screen linkage, main screen broadcasting, push-pull streaming and other projection and interaction methods. It is suitable for large conference rooms, multi-media smart classrooms, product launches and other scenes.