Why not upgrade the “wireless conference room” with “multi screen” in some enterprises? What is the reason that prevents multi screen interactive devices from entering the conference room? According to the analysis of the office environment of most conference rooms, there are mainly the following two reasons:


have a low utilization rate, which is not worth investing in


. For some enterprises, the utilization rate of conference rooms is not high, and the conference rooms will be used only when problems need to be discussed or reported. Without the return of predictable benefits, enterprises are not keen on the upgrading of conference rooms.

cost concerns

if the original conference room is to be transformed and upgraded, it may need video conference, audio conference system and other equipment, and these expenses will become the concerns of the enterprise. Of course, there are other factors that affect the rapid entry of science and technology into the conference room, such as performance problems, network problems and efficiency, which affect the acceptance of science and technology conference room products by users. ,


generally speaking, the rapid work efficiency, reduction of labor cost and retraction of project cycle brought by efficient conference system are the value of the product. On this basis, it will not be difficult for multi screen interactive equipment to enter the conference rooms of enterprises.