multi screen interaction, wireless projection multi screen interaction development background

with the rapid development and popularization of communication technology, information technology and television technology. Digital TV, a new means of media transmission, has been popularized rapidly.

digital TV, abbreviated as DTV, is a TV system that processes signals in a digital way from program acquisition, program production, program transmission to the user end, that is, digital signals are used in all links from the studio to transmission, transmission and reception, or transmitted through the digital sequence composed of 0 and 1 Digital strings.

digital TV provides users with rich multimedia information, including not only watching traditional TV programs, but also adding a variety of functional services such as on-demand, Internet browsing, current affairs information, electronic newspaper subscription, public services, games and applications, which greatly enriches the user experience.


in recent years, countries all over the world are carrying out or have completed the digital transformation of radio and television. Kuang families in the United States, Japan and the European Union have successively shut down the traditional analog television signals, realizing the comprehensive transformation of traditional analog television into digital television. Driven by the integration of three networks, the business and driving force of radio and television, Internet and communication are becoming the same.

on the other hand lies in the popularization and promotion of smart phones, tablets and smart phones, which makes home entertainment gradually move towards intelligence. Mobile phones have the advantages of convenient mobility and are mainly used as social tools; The computer has complete functions and strong performance, which is mostly used for office. The three play different roles in users’ life, leisure, entertainment and work.

in the context of intelligence, the functions of TV, mobile phone and computer tend to be diversified.