Multi screen interaction, wireless projection and multi screen interaction solution.

multi screen interaction refers to the transmission of multimedia (audio, video and picture) content on different multimedia terminals (such as different intelligent terminal devices based on IOS, Android, Symbian and other operating systems, such as mobile phones, pads, TVs, etc.) through WiFi network connection using bjcast protocol and miracast protocol.

one-to-one multi screen interaction means that there are more than two screens at the receiving end, so that the speaker can arbitrarily select a large screen as the receiving end to realize multi screen display and sound output of windows, MAC, IOS and Android systems. The main application scenarios are conference rooms, digital classrooms, intelligent exhibition halls and other application scenarios with more display screens.

Bijie network is a professional manufacturer of wireless screen projection solutions. One to many screen interaction mainly includes the following modes: multicast, different display, simultaneous display and broadcasting.


multicast: multiple wireless projectors are connected in series in a LAN in the form of wireless, so as to realize one projection and multiple display, multiple projection and multiple display.


devices are displayed together: in the same LAN, any intelligent device can input the address of the receiving end to receive the screen information of the sending end. Bijie multi screen cooperative screen projection equipment supports 6 modes of 1-for-2, that is, it supports 6 receiving terminals for screen projection.

one to many screen interactive solution advantages

● establish future teachers and digital teaching environment to improve teaching quality;

● students can discuss in groups, the results of each group can be projected onto the large screen wirelessly, and the teacher’s picture can be broadcast to each group for display on the same screen;


● the teacher can freely call the display screen projected by the students for broadcasting and sharing;


● achieve the purpose of multi screen broadcasting without wiring, making the classroom and meeting room more concise and beautiful;

● realize wireless projection and broadcasting of windows, MAC, IOS and Android systems.