Notebook wireless projection screen how to connect to the TV?

Laptop wireless projection screen how to connect to the TV, because of the convenience of mobile office, so there will be many people choose to use a laptop, can directly connect to WiFi. But sometimes looking at a TV laptop screen isn’t enough. The following share laptop wireless projection screen how to connect to the TV.

Method 1

1. First, click the Settings in the Start menu in the lower left corner to enter “windows Settings”.

2. Then click “Device” in the Settings interface.

3. After entering “Bluetooth and other Devices”, click “Add Bluetooth and other Devices”.

4, then select “Wireless display or dock” in the pop-up window

5, at this time, the device will automatically search, find the name of the same screen and click the connection

6, if you need to modify the screen casting mode, you can click “Change mode”

Method 2

It has become the mainstream large-screen equipment screen projection software, whether it is a mobile phone screen or a computer screen can easily cope with.

TV side, computer side download must Jiecast screen.
Open the screen on the TV side and the computer side. After opening the computer side, the search device interface will automatically pop up.
On the search device screen, select the device you want to screen and click.

There are a variety of ways to cast the screen, you can cast the full screen of the computer can also expand the screen, but also the screen program window, you can choose different screen modes according to your needs.

Method 3
On the MacBook, open System Preferences. On the System Preferences page, open the Display option.

2. Go to the built-in monitor Settings page, and open the drop-down menu at the lower part of the screen.

3. In the Display Device list of the drop-down menu that opens, select TV screen device.

4. After selecting the TV screen device, the MacBook screen is successfully projected to the TV screen, and optimization operations such as [brightness] can be performed.