Notebook wireless projection screen to smart TV watch video how to operate?

Notebook wireless projection to large screen is generally used in business meetings, through professional conference projection equipment, such as wireless projector, business projector and so on. But what about home projection, such as a laptop wireless projection to a smart TV? Today Xiaobian to share with you.

Laptop direct to smart TV

Hardware: a laptop running Windows10; A smart TV set; Wireless router (in the same WIFI wireless network environment).

Laptop wireless projection screen to TV operation DLNA push protocol:

First, connect your laptop and TV to the same WIFI.

Then, right-click the picture you want to display on your TV in your laptop, and then click the option to play it to your device — Mi TV.

Then, a small window will pop up and play to the device. Follow the prompts in the window and wait for about 30 seconds.

Finally, after a minute or so, the picture from the laptop is projected onto the TV.

Many TV player software (client version) on the laptop, such as thunder audio, will appear “DLNA/WiDi player device selection” when clicking the right button in the player interface, the TV model ID will also appear after clicking, and then click “Connect”.

Advantages of DLNA push: good fluency; But today’s smartphones don’t support DLNA.