Office projection, the use of wireless projection system in enterprise office has become a new trend.

wireless projection cooperation system is a wireless transmission equipment specially developed for conference rooms. Generally, the conference rooms of enterprises have multiple screens, early projection screens, touch all-in-one machines and televisions in recent years. The content on one screen is synchronously displayed on another screen, which is called projection. For example: display the computer screen on the projection screen, synchronously display the contents of the mobile phone screen on the touch all-in-one machine, and so on.

Wireless Conference cooperation system features

I. wireless transmission

generally connects the receiving box with the large display screen through HDMI line, and the transmitting device adopts wireless transmission to realize multi screen interaction between large and small screens. Take the use mode of Bijie multi screen cooperative projection equipment as an example:

first: connect the receiver box with the display screen through HDMI cable;

then: laptops and computers wirelessly transmit the computer screen on the large screen through the USB key (that is, insert the USB key and press the button);


Android phones and tablets use projection software as the sending end [free download and installation]. Start the sending end and select the ID of the receiving end box to realize the connection between Android phones and tablets and the large screen.


Apple phones and tablets use their own screen mirroring function as the sending end. Start the sending end and select the ID of the receiving end box to realize the connection between Apple phones and tablets and the large screen.

II. Strong interactivity. As a wireless conference cooperation system, interactivity is the main embodiment of product value.

the anti control function of


on the large screen to the projection source. By operating on the large screen, you can control the projection source, such as opening documents, fast forward playing, turning PPT, scrolling excel tables and so on, so as to reduce the running back and forth of speakers and improve the coherence of speeches.

the control function of the third intelligent device on the projection source

is very useful for the classroom. For example, the teacher’s computer screen, but the teacher can walk back and forth in the classroom with a mobile phone. Through the mobile phone, you can control the large screen and operate the computer.

for the content saving and sharing in the process of explanation

in the process of conference teaching, the written content can be saved locally or in the cloud. You can copy the content through the USB flash disk, automatically obtain the content by scanning the code, and obtain the screen image by taking a snapshot of the mobile phone. Therefore, the diversification of sharing means makes the interaction more free.

III. information security

the fundamental reason why many enterprises choose hardware wireless sharing and cooperation system equipment is that the hardware equipment is more secure. At present, the vast majority of Wireless Conference cooperation system devices are based on miracast protocol, so that there are a variety of wireless projection devices on the market; Bijie multi screen cooperative projection device supports Android, IOS, windows and MAC wireless projection on the system.