Office projection, why wireless projection is so popular in office and education,

wireless projection and video projection are mainly used in home entertainment scenes and office scenes.

in the family scene, almost all screen projection functions can be realized by using Bijie screen projection. Such as video projection, mobile phone projection, computer projection, game projection, online disk projection, etc. Many users are familiar with the Bijie projection screen, which has led many white-collar workers to extradite the projection screen to office scenes. In this way, white-collar workers find that wireless projection is particularly practical in the field of business and education in office meetings. Therefore, the application range of wireless projection is still very wide.

mobile phones and computers are on the same screen wirelessly, which means

in office scenes. For example, in the field of education, through the conference teaching of wireless projection screen, the projection and demonstration of PPT files do not need to carry a computer, do not need to carry a copy of USB flash disk, and only need to be stored in your own mobile phone. Teachers or participants take out their mobile phones in class, click to start screen projection, and the mobile phone screen can be projected onto the large screen. The past concerns about the compatibility of projectors, the need for wiring and other problems have now been completely solved.

use the wireless projection screen, which is no longer a headache for the problems of line finding, line and computer compatibility. There is no need to plan the wiring in advance before the meeting and class, and it can be used anywhere. Start up companies, tutoring centers and large classrooms, using the projection screen is really improving the connection efficiency and saving students and enterprises’ valuable time. The use of Bijie screen projection computer version for wireless screen projection can bypass the problem of hardware compatibility, so it can be quickly used on any computer and mobile phone. In life and work, we can directly put the mobile phone or computer screen into the TV screen wirelessly, and the experience of watching movies or games will rise to a new level in an instant.