Office projection, a move to easily achieve wireless projection in the office,

how to realize the function of traditional conference room through wireless projection? From wired to wireless, get rid of the shackles of cables.

are still connected to a computer or TV by a traditional HDMI cable? What if there is a picture on the mobile phone suddenly? What if different people want to connect to the big screen? It’s too slow to copy and forward files temporarily. You have to plug in the VGA cable quickly to change a computer? If your meeting room already has a smart TV. Then, please pay attention to the wireless projection. Mobile phones, computers and instant wireless connection to TVs or projectors.

computer full screen projection: the TV displays all the pictures and operations of the computer. In particular, the system will automatically adjust the image resolution and bit rate according to the current network environment state.

extended screen projection: if there are too many windows and the computer screen is not enough, expand one of the windows to the TV. When multiple windows are opened, do you want to put a screen in one window? Code writing in the office is the most commonly used scene for designers, computer players and small partners in the financial industry. The steps to use


are as follows: the first step of


: the computer and TV must be installed on the screen projection client. The computer can be downloaded on the official website, and the TV can be downloaded in dangbei market.

step 2: connect the computer TV to the WiFi of the same LAN, and the computer can plug in the network cable

step 3: open the TV and computer client, connect, and finally select the mode you want to project the screen

as one of the scenes with frequent interaction. The conference room has always been the world of traditional projectors and related conference systems, but its disadvantages are also obvious and there are many people, Complicated cables and cumbersome connections greatly affect the efficiency of the conference. The wireless projection screen not only meets the supplement and even replacement of the functions required for user meetings in the office scene, but also gives play to the low-cost advantage, so that many small and medium-sized companies have a new way to deploy the conference system quickly and cheaply.