One machine projection, one machine wireless projection, multi screen interactive solution,

conference interactive touch all-in-one machine solves the display operation and human-computer interaction of the conference, while the wireless projection technology allows the enterprise to truly bid farewell to the traditional and complicated HDMI line projection, and can realize wireless multi platform projection, multi environment adaptation, free from external environment interference, so that the enterprise can truly usher in the era of intelligent office.

wireless projection adopts WiFi transmission, which makes us bid farewell to the bondage of HDMI cable. However, a variety of display devices such as TV, projector and LED display can use wireless projection, so when using, the wireless projection is only equivalent to the traditional HDMI cable, and the wireless projection technology cannot be truly applied.


are used for wireless screen projection of the touch teaching all-in-one machine. 1. Connect the receiving end of the external wireless screen projector with the touch teaching all-in-one machine through HDMI line;

2. Plug in the USB transmitter at the sending end of the wireless screen projector on the computer or use the screen projection client for one click screen projection.

is the real display of wireless screen projection technology on the touch teaching integrated machine.

1. Wireless screen projection, two-way control of

mobile phones, computers and notebooks, one click screen projection, wireless transmission and rejecting the constraints of lines. It supports two-way control, and the touch screen can also control the computer without staying next to the computer. The computer synchronously displays the whole meeting content, which is synchronously displayed on the computer and saved with one key. The interaction between computer and large screen and multi screen makes the meeting more vivid and convenient.

2. Precise touch and free handwriting

the handwriting, annotation and other functions of the current touch all-in-one machine are very powerful, and then matched with a perfectly compatible wireless projector. The wireless projector also supports handwritten annotation and electronic whiteboard functions. The demonstration operation is smoother and the performance is more comfortable.

3. The background setting of wireless projector is more convenient.

Bijie wireless projector has an independent background management platform.