Play Airplay on PC to display iOS content

If you have an Apple N Kit, you must be impressed by Apple’s projection technology, Airplay. Airplay lets one Apple device display content from another. For example, if you have a Mac with a large screen, you can use Airplay to project your iPhone or ipad onto the Mac’s screen. In some cases, such as a Japanese TV show App that is only available on mobile platforms, this is convenient. If you want to watch a movie on a big screen, you can put it on your Mac and the experience is much better. Airplay is stable and smooth, making it one of Apple’s unique feats.

However, the penetration rate of desktop and living room Apple devices such as Mac and Apple TV with large screens is far less than that of mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad, and more users are using the combination of Windows PC plus iPhone and iPad. How can I use Airplay on a Windows PC? Here’s a way to do it.

We need to use some software from a third party. Airplay Receiver for windows is an open-source tool. After the package is downloaded and decompressed, install the Apple Bonjour broadcast service in the directory containing Bonjour64.msi or bonjour.msi (depending on whether the operating system is 64-bit).

Then, run win-airplay.exe directly from the directory and make sure your computer is on the same LAN as your iPhone or iPad to use Airplay on your PC.

Note that the Windows DPI scale should be set to 100%, otherwise the screen may not be fully displayed. You can set the system’s global DPI scaling to 100% in Windows 10’s Settings.

However, this will affect other applications as well. You can also right-click win-airplay.exe, find “Change high DPI Settings” under “Compatibility” under “Properties”, and then make scaling execute without “application” under “High DPI Scaling Alternative”.

Turn on your iPhone or iPad and call the drop-down menu to see the Airplay projection option ‘Screen Image.’

Select “Win-Airplay” among them, you can let the iPhone, iPad screen in the PC display.

Through the task manager, you can see that the screen projection requires more than 10M bandwidth. Please ensure that the WiFi signal is good.