Features of professional level projection and professional level wireless projection equipment.

commercial level application mainly refers to: meeting rooms, lecture halls, training centers, teaching and other places with high requirements for quality and function;


commercial applications are characterized by large space, high diversity of terminals, many types of interfaces, complex applications and poor wireless transmission environment (wireless interference in commercial places, especially office buildings is the most obvious).

business level wireless projector features

I. multi functions, which can meet the needs of different users.

business level wireless projector should first select the appropriate products according to the needs of users.


II. High reliability and smooth user experience. During the ongoing meetings and teaching process of


, whether it is delay, jamming, flower screen, mosaic and disconnection… Any situation that is not conducive to user experience will affect the reputation of a product and make users lose confidence in the product.

Bijie Internet has always focused on the production, research and development of wireless projectors in business conference rooms and multimedia classrooms. According to the market phenomenon research and R & D, Bijie Internet has launched Bijie multi screen cooperation series of projection products, which have been highly praised by the market once launched.

III. simple operation

whether enterprises or schools purchase wireless projectors, the fundamental starting point is to improve conference efficiency and teaching quality; Therefore, the projector is just a tool. If the tool itself needs to spend a lot of time, unless it is absolutely necessary, generally no user is willing to study a tool.

IV. wireless sharing and cooperation

the fundamental difference between commercial level wireless projector and household consumption level projector lies in whether it has wireless sharing and cooperation system, that is, what we often call interactive design.