Projection, the application of wireless projection technology in many fields,

is expected to be popular rapidly in the next two to three years, and the demand for projector products with wireless functions will also be increasing. Many manufacturers are beginning to realize this and actively layout the wireless projection market. Not only business and education projection, but also wireless projection may bloom in many fields with more and more mobile devices and connected devices supporting wireless projection. The application of


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wireless projection in the conference is of great practical and forward-looking significance.

first of all, the video connection line in the conference room is often a major obstacle to the conference process. The video connection line is difficult to construct and easy to be damaged in the process of use. Once it fails, it is also difficult to recover. In addition, it is necessary to make a big fight, tear down the wall and dig the ground. The wireless projection screen does not need video connection line, which not only saves the construction cost, but also saves the time and cost of on-site use.


secondly, the wireless projection screen can connect the intelligent terminal to the conference, that is, directly mirror the contents of mobile devices such as mobile phones and pads to the large screen for participants to share. In addition, wireless screen projection can enable multi screen interaction between mobile intelligent terminals, which is a function that can not be realized by wired connection.

wireless projection also has many applications in teaching.


in the traditional multimedia classroom, the teacher projects the computer picture to the large screen through the projector connected with cable. The picture is not clear, and the teacher can only sit in front of the computer and “bow the head” in the whole process. Then, through the wireless projection screen, the picture is clear. In the process of class, the teacher can wirelessly project the two students’ homework onto the large screen for left-right comparison, so that all students can more intuitively know the differences or similarities of homework. In addition, wireless projection can also allow students to interact with each other. For example, the teacher’s handout on the blackboard can be “photographed” by students themselves; Students can also pass homework to each other, which is very convenient.

wireless projection screen in the home field

home field is mainly the rise of “big screen” in recent years, on the one hand; Users who pay attention to the viewing experience began to buy wireless projection devices and began to build a private home theater. on the other hand; The support of mobile devices for wireless screen projection technology, whether mobile phones, TVs, projectors, almost common 3C intelligent devices support wireless screen projection technology, so that wireless screen projection has been popularized on a large scale.


wireless projection screens are also well used in bank vertical screen advertising machines.

we are often in the bank. I wonder if we have noticed the vertical screen advertising machine of the bank? Through the wireless projection technology, the combination of advertising and on-site explanation is well realized. Under normal circumstances, advertisements are displayed on the vertical screen in the hall. Once a guest consults, the lobby manager will explain to the guest through the large screen. After the explanation, exit the projection screen and continue to play the advertisement on the large screen.