Projection – How to project Tiktok onto TV? Learn simple operations together

We want to see how to operate Tiktok on TV and how to project Tiktok onto TV. Let’s have a look with our editor!

Android devices

1、Taking the Android OPPO device as an example, open 【 Settings】 on the phone, enter the settings, and click 【 Connection and Sharing】 (some phones choose 【 More Connection Methods】);

2、Select the [Mobile Screen Projection] that needs to be executed to enter;

3、Turn on the [Mobile Screen Projection] function on your phone, and then select the screen projection device you want to connect to from the list of available connections;

4、If not in the list, check if the phone and the projected device are connected to the same WiFi network;

5、Finally, according to the prompts, complete the screen projection of the mobile phone and the device. Turn on Tiktok on the mobile phone to project the Tiktok picture onto the TV.

Apple devices

1、Taking Apple iPhone as an example, click on 【 Settings 】 on the desktop to enter;

2、Click on “Wireless Local Area Network” in the settings section;

3、Connect WiFi and confirm that the WiFi connected to the phone and the projected device is consistent;

4、Return to the iPhone desktop, hold down the bottom of the phone and slide upwards to open the control center;

5、Select the function that needs to be enabled [Screen Mirroring];

6、Finally, select the device that needs to project the screen. After the screen is successfully projected, turn on Tiktok to project the screen to the TV.

The above is all about how Tiktok can be projected on TV. I hope the above content can help you!