Projection projection, how to connect to the projector for projection when the computer is wireless projection,

who knows how to project the computer screen onto the projector, Xiaobian will introduce it to you, projection + wireless projection.

hardware preparation: one computer [notebook and desktop are OK]; One projector and one set of wireless projection screen [one transmitter and one receiver].

network environment: if there is a network environment, the sending end of the wireless projection screen can choose either USB pigtail or app software. If there is no network environment, it is recommended to use the wireless projection screen of the sending end of USB pigtail.

computer projector connection step

1. Connect the wireless screen projector receiver box through HDMI cable, and change the signal mode of projector to HDMI;

2. Power on and start up. At this time, our projector should have displayed the standby screen of wireless projection;

3. USB is the sending end. Plug it directly into the computer. When the USB button light is on, press the button once, and the computer screen will be projected on the projector.

if the selected wireless projection screen is the app sender, you need to download and install the supporting app sender on the computer in advance. Double click on the computer to start the app, and the computer screen will be projected on the projector.


note: app sending end is adopted, which has requirements for network environment. In the same local area network [it doesn’t matter whether there is a local area network or not. If it is a laptop, it can be directly connected to the WiFi of the receiving end box. If it is a PC desktop and there is no wireless network card, it needs a router and network cable to form a local area network].

but Xiaobian can clearly tell you that in general small and medium-sized conference rooms, the wireless projection of USB keys is very popular, because the wireless projection positioning of USB keys is the projection of small and medium-sized conference rooms. In teacher teaching, large lecture hall, multimedia demonstration hall… Where there are a large number of people sharing and demonstration occasions, USB buttons are not suitable. The wireless screen projection positioning at the app sending end is used in large occasions. How to select




wireless projection equipment I: is the operation of wireless projection cumbersome?

A: the wireless projector is different from the previous projectors. It requires cumbersome lines and takes time and effort to operate. The wireless projector adopts video transmission protocol, which can project the screens on mobile phones and computers onto the large screen through WiFi!

II: is the image quality of wireless projection clear?

answer: the wireless projector adds “hardware coding transmission screen” to support HD audio and video synchronization. At present, it supports 1080p Ultra HD transmission, and 1080p image quality and definition can meet most of the needs on the market.

III: can the wireless projector project with only one device?

answer: the wireless projector supports 4, 6 and other multi screen. Mobile phones and computers can be projected to the large screen at the same time and switch at will, which creates convenience for the speech at the meeting. Anyone who wants to speak can directly switch to the corresponding screen! Avoid the cumbersome steps of pulling and plugging USB, and put it in place in one step!