Projection needs: what high-efficiency needs can be met by using wireless projection devices? At present, the main needs of

wireless projection are the following: small screen projection, including mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, computers, VR glasses, etc., as well as large wireless projection screens, including televisions, projectors, all-in-one computers, and multi screen interaction with mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and computers.

projection between mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and computers the main advantage of

wireless projector is the advantage of multi screen interaction, which completes the multi screen cooperation among mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and computers with the cooperation of app at the sending end and receiving end.


anti image: anti image the past picture of device a on other devices connected to the wireless projector. For example, four ABCD devices are connected to the wireless projector at the same time. Through the anti mirror function, the screen of a can be anti mirrored on three BCD devices at the same time. A installs the sender app and BCD installs the receiver app. Through the media function of wireless projector, a’s screen is projected on BCD.

small screen wireless projection large screen

first connect the receiver box of the wireless projection device with the large screen with HDMI key. As long as the large screen has HDMI signal input interface.

then connect the small screen to the wireless projector wirelessly to complete the wireless projection of the small screen to the large screen.


Android phones and tablets use the built-in wireless screen projection function or the sender app matched with the wireless screen projector;

the screen image function of Apple phones, tablets and Macs is a general sender, which can be connected directly by using the screen image;

windows computers and surfaces can use USB keys, HDMI keys or sender app for wireless screen projection. The wireless projection mode of


VR glasses needs to be selected according to which projection mode VR glasses support. Some can be directly connected to the wireless projector with miracast, while others need to install projection software on mobile phones and computers.