Projection scheme, full coverage wireless projection and multi screen interactive solution,

uses projectors in office or at home. Projection is a good tool for work and a device to increase happiness for life. However, we will encounter various problems in the process of using the projector. Next, let’s take a look at the wireless projection solution.

I. We mainly use three types of video devices:

the first type is computers, which are characterized by rich resources and large capacity. The second category is mobile phones, which are characterized by convenient viewing. The third category is projection and smart TV, which is characterized by large screen and cool video. Screen projection is to combine the advantages of each screen to share the advantages between different devices.

II. Problems in screen projection

the first case:

each meeting, check whether various equipment and wires are in normal use in advance, copy the meeting materials together with USB flash disk, put them on the computer host, and put them on the large screen with data cable. In this way, the confidentiality of documents can not be controlled. If you copy the speech materials at the meeting site, it will seriously affect the progress of the meeting. The second case of




after each lecture, the data cable needs to be plugged into the next speaker’s computer. Each speaker’s computer interface is inconsistent. It is necessary to constantly change the interface adapter in the meeting. In the process of constantly changing the computer, the time is wasted, and the participants are more helpless sitting there waiting.

III. introduction to screen projection scheme

1. At present, the protocols of wireless screen projection mainly include airplay, miracast and DLNA. Airplay belongs to Apple’s camp device. Miracast is the standard configuration of most Android devices, and DLNA is supported by most Android devices, but it is more integrated into some software, such as Tencent video.

2. We must understand the multi screen interactive use scenario and the quality requirements to be achieved. Wireless screen projection is a big concept. There are many kinds of wireless screen projectors in the market. It is the right way to choose the right equipment to meet our own needs.

business level application wireless projection solution

1. Business level application mainly refers to: meeting rooms, lecture halls, training centers, teaching and other places with high requirements for quality and function;

2. Characteristics of commercial applications: large space, high diversity of terminals, many types of interfaces, complex applications and poor wireless transmission environment;

3. Since it is a multi terminal wireless projection system, the optimization of software compatibility and stability becomes very important.

home wireless projection solution

1. The use scenario of smart TV

1.1. At present, most smart TVs are Android systems, and many smart TVs are equipped with dual band wireless network cards. The mobile terminal projects the screen by connecting the 5g hotspot of smart TV, which is very simple and convenient. Apple’s terminal directly selects airplay, The Android terminal is even simpler. It can cast the screen wirelessly directly through the video playback software supporting miracast or DLNA; As for how to project the picture of windows notebook or desktop to TV.

2. Usage scenario of non smart TV

if your device is not a smart TV, the simplest way is to buy a screen box. Choose a box with dual band wireless network card, its own hotspot and multiple wireless screen protocols. In this way, your TV is a smart TV. Please refer to the usage scenario of smart TV above.