Projection screen-How to set Xiaomi’s screen projection to full screen?

To set the Xiaomi projection screen to full screen, you can follow the following steps:

1. Use DLNA to push screen projection, and the mobile screen projection TV will naturally be full screen. If our TV supports screen projection function, use the remote control to activate the wireless screen projection/multi screen interaction function in the app My app.

2. The phone and TV are on the same local area network, such as using a network cable to connect the router and TV, and the phone is also connected to the same router’s WIFI.

3. Xiaomi screen projection method/steps:

  • Click [Settings] on the main interface of the phone
  • In the settings interface, click ‘Connect and Share’
  • On the connection and sharing interface, click [Screen Projection]
  • Next, set [Open Screen Projection] to the open state
  • The phone will automatically search for nearby devices that can be used for screen projection

4. Other screen projection schemes:

  • Apple Phone Screen Projection: Connect your phone and TV to the same WiFi, drag and drop from the phone screen, pull out the control center, click on “Screen Mirroring”, and select the TV you want to screen.
  • Xiaomi laptop screen projection: Press F6 on the Xiaomi laptop and select “Connect to wireless monitor”.

  • Other Windows computer screen projection: Open the operation center at the bottom right of the computer and select Projection.
  • APP Direct Screen Projection: A mobile video app that supports projecting video sources onto a TV. Open and play the content you want to screen, click the button in the upper right corner, click the TV screen projection icon, and select the TV you want to screen.