Screen projection software, how to project the screen wirelessly when there is no screen projector,

screen projector is the wireless same screen projector. Some people who have come into contact with the same screen earlier may have purchased relevant equipment. At present, the screen projectors on the market support wireless screen projection based on the screen projection protocol. Through the investigation, it is found that many users believe that they must have a screen projector to achieve screen projection. In fact, as like as two peas, the free screen software can be exactly the same as the screen player.


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even have the projection software before the wireless same screen device


. Then how to realize the projection without the projection device?

1. See what you want to cast.

if you are a smart TV + mobile phone or a smart projector + mobile phone. At this time, you only need to find Bijie projection software in smart TV and smart projector. Open it after finding it. At this time, you will have the latest and complete screen projection function, which is definitely better than the general screen projector.

with it, you can use mobile screen video, mobile screen music, mobile screen ppt documents, mobile screen games, mobile screen desktop and other functions. At the same time, you can support Android mobile phone and apple mobile phone screen.

2. How do you operate the


to realize the screen projection meeting? As mentioned earlier, the screen projection software has the function that the screen projector has. The computer opens the official website of Bijie projection screen, downloads a TV version of Bijie projection screen and opens it for installation. Then your computer already has the screen projection function. There is no need to plug the projector into the computer. No matter who the computer is, it can download it. After opening, it will automatically search for the smart TV or projector under the same WiFi. The wireless transmission function of “spekds” and “spkds” is adopted to realize the wireless transmission of the screen. The content on the computer can be transferred to the screen with one click of the mouse.

3. What if it’s not a smart big screen? The premise of using projection software for


is to use intelligent projector, intelligent conference all-in-one machine and intelligent TV box. What if it’s not intelligent. It’s also very simple. Buy an Internet set-top box and connect the large screen with HDMI cable. The large screen will become an intelligent system.

to sum up,

can be projected without a projector. And it is a faster and more perfect projection function. No matter whose mobile phone or computer it is, it can be put on the screen by itself.