Screen projection system, Bijie wireless screen projection + video conference solution,

has created network conditions for the application of remote wireless communication with the development of communication technology. Today, with the increasing popularity of video conference, its form has gradually developed in the three directions of cloud, HD and mobility. In some high-end video conference fields, HD has become an important consideration index. With the rapid rise of mobile video conferencing, relevant enterprises have launched corresponding solutions.

video conference system, also known as conference television system, refers to the system equipment in which two or more individuals or groups in different places transmit sounds, images and documents to each other through transmission lines and multimedia equipment to realize real-time and interactive communication, so as to achieve the purpose of the conference. The use of video conference is a bit like a telephone. In addition to seeing the people you are talking to and communicating with each other, you can also see their expressions and actions, making people in different places feel like communicating in the same room.

the features of Bijie wireless projection + video conference scheme are as follows:

1 Mobile Internet access. At any time and place, as long as there is an IT network signal, you can log in through the intelligent terminal, which greatly expands the available range of video conference, and can realize efficient and real-time communication with the support of mobile Internet;

2. Save money. Generally, the price of mobile terminal is much lower than that of ordinary PC, which reduces the hardware cost of video conference;

3. Easy to carry. Mobile video conference mobile video conference can fully realize “pocket conference”, which can be held through ordinary smart phones without adding other hardware devices.

will be the only multiplayer mixing technology in the industry. All participants can hear the voices of multiple speakers at the same time to ensure a more smooth meeting without waiting for the release of the microphone and the acquisition of control, which is in line with the requirements of actual meeting habits. The server supports the mixing of the chairman and the current speaker so that the chairman can control the meeting.

multi video function

all participants can watch videos of multiple participants (4-way) at any time, so as to realize real multi-party video conference, rather than point-to-point videophone

multi-resolution selection

users can select video resolution according to their own bandwidth resources and zoom in to the full screen. Enable broadband users to enjoy high-definition video images.

rich data interaction

electronic whiteboard, text discussion and file transmission make the communication comprehensive, full, fast and real-time. You can write on the whiteboard and communicate comprehensively through words and voice. Support automatic user registration, automatic search and automatic connection, which is convenient for finding users and establishing call connection. When holding multi-point meetings, you can send more conference invitations to a terminal;


before the meeting: the meeting is convened and information is notified, and online users and non online users can be notified in time; In


meetings: provide meeting chairman mechanism / automatic mechanism, control meeting speech and data operation, and coordinate meeting process; After the


meetings: form meeting minutes.


are not only used for multi-point multimedia conference, but also used in remote education, telemedicine and other services that need to transmit real-time audio, video and data.