Projection, the method of mobile phone wireless projection to TV,

many friends who have smart TV at home may want to know how to operate mobile phone projection to TV. There is no more nonsense here. Let’s briefly teach you the two TV projection methods of wireless projection and wired projection.

1. Wireless screen projection

generally speaking, most screen projection methods on the Internet are realized by using common screen projection protocols such as miracast, DLNA and airplay, while many smart TVs or screen projection software on the market have already added support for these screen projection protocols, so they can be used to screen different devices.


take Apple phones and Android phones as examples to share with you the methods and steps of how to cast the screen to the TV under WiFi wireless network.

1. Apple mobile phone:

the image projection function of Apple mobile phone is very easy to use. It uses the airplay technology developed by Apple itself. Here’s how to use the screen mirroring function of Apple mobile phone to project the mobile phone screen onto the TV. The steps are as follows:

step 1: ensure that the TV at home has the screen projection function, and then connect the apple mobile phone and the TV at home to the same WiFi network environment. Step 2: pull down from the top right corner / bottom to open the control center of Apple mobile phone, find [screen image] / [airplay], and then click open. Step 3: in the pop-up device list, find the device name of the home TV, and then select it to find that the mobile phone is mirrored on the TV.

2. Android Phones:


some Android phones also have their own screen projection function. However, it is recommended that you use professional screen projection software for better effect, and there will be additional functions such as screen recording to experience. Let’s share how Huawei’s mobile phone is projected to the TV. The steps are as follows:

step 1: Download and install Bijie projection TV version on Bijie official website and smart TV app store respectively. Step 2: if you can’t find the Bijie projection screen in the TV app store at home, you can also directly click to download the Bijie projection screen TV version. Step 3: open the Bijie projection app, click the marked position in the figure below, and select the scanning code projection or connection code projection mode to connect with the Bijie projection TV version. Step 4: after the connection is successful, you can display the photos, videos, documents, games and other file contents on the mobile phone on the TV.

II. For the wired projection method of

, the current mainstream method is to use HDMI cable connection. However, if the mobile phone throws the screen, it also needs an MHL line to convert the signal into HDMI signal.