Projector connection mobile phone method introduction

The projector is a more common office equipment in our lives, but now with the development of time, many people also use it as a form of home theater. Now it has been able to replace the function of our TV very well, because many mobile phones can be connected to the projector, so that we can use it will be particularly convenient, and do not need any special arrangements. So how does the projector connect to the phone? This article is a simple introduction for everyone!

First, data line connection

This is our most simple one at that time, which is equivalent to a copy of the computer connected to the projector, but for an excuse, its operation is simple and easy to understand, but the mobile phone is fixed this is not convenient. And it requires a mobile phone or tablet computer must support the screen transmission function, for our mobile phone requirements are relatively high, and we can not very good mobile phone, which is also a more troublesome thing.

Second, WIFI connection

WIFI is one of the most important links we have at present, and it plays a very important role in our lives. Our phones were able to connect to the projector via their own wireless network. Turn on the projector, enter the wireless connection interface, and quickly push the switch backward to adjust the DLNA mode, then turn on the wifi of the mobile phone, and connect to the same local network, and wait for the service to be successfully established. We can move our phones at any time, it doesn’t matter.

Three, Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth connection is a very common way, which is ultimately a change in line connection, but no line is needed. Prepare HDMI adapters, standard HDMI cables, and original phone chargers. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the interface of the projector, connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the converter, and connect the other end of the converter to the phone and power supply, and switch the projector to HDMI mode. After the above operation is completed, the projector will display the picture on the phone simultaneously.