Projector projection, how to connect the projector to realize wireless projection,

projector is connected with mobile phone wireless projection, which is the same as computer connection projector. There are two ways of wired and wireless connection.

projector is wired to the mobile phone:

if the smart phone supports MHL connection, directly purchase an MHL cable, one end is connected to the mobile phone and the other end is connected to the HDMI interface of the projector, and then select the signal source of the projector as HD signal (HDMI interface input), so that the mobile phone can be wired to the projector on the same screen. However, there are fewer and fewer MHL interfaces. In most cases, we need a type_ C adapter line.


are commonly used to connect mobile phones and projectors through MHL lines. It’s OK to watch TV at home. Anyway, it’s OK to put the mobile phone on the projector. It’s just that I don’t feel like I’m playing with my mobile phone while watching TV.

projector connected to mobile phone wireless connection

wireless connection is what we often call mobile phone wireless projection. If the projector supports the installation of software, you can install software on both projectors of the mobile phone for screen projection. If not, then honestly use the wireless projector as the medium.

connect the projector wirelessly through the wireless projector and the mobile phone. Introduction to the use of

1. Connect the wireless projector box through HDMI cable, and then put the projector box on the projector bracket.

2. The mobile phone is directly connected to the wireless screen projector WiFi (the Bijie multi screen cooperative screen projector has its own AP hotspot). In this way, the wireless screen projection needs to consume mobile phone traffic, that is, when we don’t have a network at home, we can use the 4G network and cast the screen at the same time;


3. Android phones can display screens by downloading the Bijie display client [Android phones can also have their own wireless display function];


Apple phones directly use the built-in screen mirroring function to cast the screen. After the


projectors are connected, the relationship between mobile phones and projectors is synchronous mirror image. We generally apply this method to business conference rooms or multimedia teaching to start our speaker mode.