Projector projection, how to achieve wireless projection through the projector,

wireless projector is a modern intelligent business projector that supports wireless connection and wireless projection. The link between modern intelligent projector and mobile phone is relatively simple.

1. The wireless projector supports screen mirroring.

some new projectors in 2019 fully support the transmission of Apple phone screen mirroring. When connecting wirelessly with the iPhone, click the control center from the bottom to open the iPhone and click the space projection to mirror the projection.

2. The wireless projector comes with its own wireless projection software

now the wireless projectors of well-known brands have their own projection software. We can download the corresponding sender app on their official website, such as Epson and other projectors that support wireless projection, and download and install Bijie projection software on their official website mobile phones. It has different versions such as Android and apple systems for users to choose from. We need to download and install according to the mobile phone, then open the software and establish a wired connection with the projector to realize the same screen function.

3. The wireless projector supports the multi screen interaction of Android phones.

the wireless projector supports the multi screen interaction of Android phones. Then we can find the projector equipment by automatic search when we turn on the multi screen interaction of Android phones, and then cast the screen.

4. The projector has its own wireless internet access function, but there is no wireless screen projection function.

some projectors only have a built-in wireless network card, and there is no professional screen projection technology improvement in the system. The screen projection of this projector and smart phone is not very different from the old projector: it is only through wireless screen projection software or wireless screen projection equipment.

is connected through dedicated wireless projection equipment:

1. First connect the wireless projection equipment with the wireless projector (the projector has its own wireless function, which can be connected with HDMI cable or wireless connection);

2. Android phones enable multi screen interaction, automatic search – select wireless projection devices – establish projection;

3. The Apple phone starts the screen image, automatically searches – selects the wireless screen projection device – establishes the screen projection.