Projector projection, projector wireless projection solution, what are the problems encountered by

in the current conference room? Generally speaking, the traditional projector can not meet the actual needs of the conference.

1. Wire connection is required between the equipment and the projector, which is very troublesome to use and has a very poor experience. Everyone has to reconnect every time, wasting everyone’s valuable time…

2 The wire rod needs to be planned in advance. If it is planned later, it will increase the unnecessary construction cost again…

3 Wire has a high threshold for use. Different computers and mobile phones need to be equipped with different adapters to connect to the projector normally…

4 The use of wire affects the company’s image and creates the illusion of low efficiency…

5 The projector is old and can not meet other subsequent needs, such as multi screen display, picture in picture, wireless screen projection, one key screen projection, centralized control and other functions…

projector conference room wireless screen collaborative transformation scheme – only one screen projection equipment can solve all the above problems.

1. Connect the wireless projector host with the projector through HDMI cable;

2. Plug the USB wireless screen projection transmitter into the computer, and then click the button in the middle of the transmitter to realize the wireless screen projection between the computer and the large screen.

3. In addition to the automatic multi screen interactive function, you can also install USB transmitter or screen software to connect the screen.

projector conference room wireless projection collaborative transformation

1. Change of transmission mode. After the transformation of

, the screen can be easily transmitted to the projection screen by mobile phones, tablets and computers. This projection mode is obviously superior to the traditional wire connection experience. You can throw away those redundant adapters and connecting wires directly.

2. It is easier to use, and there is no technical threshold.

whether it is used for the first time or used by the participants, can normally connect the equipment within 1 minute, and then enter the agenda of the meeting.


3. Multi person cooperation can realize the simultaneous display of four screens and multi-channel projection, so as to improve the use experience of multi person meeting. Byod meetings are more intelligent and more choices.