Notebook computer projection to projector shortcut keys
Connect notebook and projector through VGA cable or HDMI cable, and then switch from notebook screen projection to projector screen through FN + “F3” / “F4” / “F7”. Different brands of notebook have different shortcut keys.

IBM notebook: FN + F7,
Lenovo notebook: FN + F7;
Sharp Notebook: FN + F3;
Dell notebook: FN + F8;
ASUS notebook: FN + F10;
Samsung Notebook: FN + F4;
HP notebook: FN + F4;
NEC notebook: FN + F3.
Toshiba notebook: FN + F5;
Sony notebook: FN + F3

Through BiJie wireless display equipment, the projection of notebook and projector can be customized shortcut key projection.

1. Connect the BiJie wireless display box with the projector through HDMI cable or VGA cable;

2. In the same LAN, the wireless display box with app as the signal terminal can set a user-defined screen projection shortcut key in the background. When the screen needs to be cast, press the shortcut key to cast the screen. The wireless display device with USB button is inserted into the computer, and it is convenient to press the one button projection of the USB button.