The reason why

projectors are becoming more and more popular is that they do not need wires to connect input devices, such as mobile phones and computers, and display devices, such as projectors, large screens, televisions, etc. Wireless projectors are divided into household consumption level projectors and conference level projectors.

home projectors are mainly used to wirelessly transmit the pictures of mobile phones and computers at the sending end to the display screens such as televisions and projectors. Compared with the TV box, the projector does not have its own resources and depends on the sending end devices such as mobile phones and computers. Through the household projector, we can put all the contents that can be displayed on mobile phones and computers on the TV, which can get rid of the restrictions of resource platform.


professional screen projectors mainly solve the problems encountered in the process of meetings and teaching, such as:


01: the desktop wires are messy, and the participants have no way to start?


only need to connect the receiving end and the display screen with HDMI cable through the wireless projector, and all other devices are wirelessly projected to the large screen, without various interfaces and redundant cables.

02: the steps of wireless screen projection are complex and the equipment is incompatible?

the connection between the wireless projector and the display is an HDMI cable. Android phones and tablets use their own wireless screen projection function, apple devices use their own screen mirroring function, and windows computers can plug in USB keys. The first use of the whole screen projection process is no more than 30 seconds, and the subsequent use is within 15 seconds.

03: multiple collaboration devices in one room, complicated function switching?


support simultaneous screen projection of 4 devices.

04: the trainer cannot interact with students on multiple screens?

wireless projector has its own screen return function. If the large screen is a touch screen, it supports the large screen touch screen anti control computer.

05: the use of equipment is complex and needs the support of management personnel at any time?


only need to press the button to cast the screen on the computer. The mobile phone directly uses the built-in projection function, which is simple and easy to understand. Even a little white can cast the screen quickly.