Red Rice note11 mobile phone wireless projection screen to win10 computer method sharing

The mobile phone screen to the computer needs to meet one of the most important conditions, is the same network, the mobile phone and the computer to connect to the same WIFI or hot network, the mobile phone needs to open the Bluetooth function, and then the mobile phone screen to the computer, is not particularly convenient, the following Xiaobian how to red rice mobile phone screen to the computer method to share with you.

Red rice mobile screen win10 computer tutorial:

  1. First, open the Start menu bar of win10 and find the “Settings” button.

  2. Go to the page and find the “System” option.

  3. After entering the system page, we can find the option “Project to this computer” on the left, and then we can set the Settings on the right page to operate as shown in the following picture.

  4. Then we turn on the MI phone, click on the Settings page, and find the button “More Connections”.

  5. After entering the page, we find the option of “wireless display”.

  6. Enter the page, click on my computer, enter the PIN code prompted on the computer to connect.

  7. If there is a previous connection record, then directly click the name, the connection will be automatically made.

  8. When you return to the computer page, a connection page will pop up automatically.

  9. When the connection is successful, the phone screen will be displayed on the laptop screen, and you can upload the video from the phone to the computer, which is very convenient.