Wireless display, reverse control is a common situation in the current conference room and multimedia classroom. This paper mainly introduces that in the conference room or multimedia classroom, when the computer cast screen to the large screen, we can reverse control the computer on the large screen.

In order to realize the wireless projection and reverse control, the following conditions are needed:
1. The wireless projector supports reverse control.

2. The large screen is a touch screen. The so-called reverse control, generally is a demonstration on the touch screen, reverse control small screen;

3. The transmitter must be Windows system (laptop, desktop, surface) and tablet (either Android or apple). Mobile phones don’t support it.

4. The projection protocols used are miracast projection protocol and airplay screen image. DLNA push mode does not support reverse control.

Through Bijie wireless projection box, we can also realize the operation of multi screen cooperation, such as computer reverse control of mobile phone, mobile phone control of mobile phone, etc.