The same screen device and mobile wireless same screen device are beyond your imagination. You must encounter such a scene in the

work. When data files need to be viewed by multiple people, you can only squeeze in front of the small screen, which seriously affects the viewing experience and work efficiency. When you see your favorite TV series in your life, you need to hold your mobile phone for a few hours. At this time, the Xiaobian always thinks that if there is anything that can display the content in the small screen on the large screen to watch?

this article recommends a mobile screen projector, Bijie multi screen cooperative screen projector, which can push the content images of mobile phones and tablets to televisions, projectors and other devices on the same screen. In addition to perfectly solving the problems encountered in the above scenes, you can also watch videos, games, meetings, etc. on the same screen. Don’t say much. Let’s follow Xiaobian and have a look!


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have excellent viewing effects: some families still use non smart TVs and can’t directly watch online video. They use Bijie multi screen cooperative projection equipment to synchronize the online video on their mobile phones to the TV. They don’t need to pay high prices for smart TVs. With it, non smart TVs become smart TVs in seconds. What the mobile phone can see can be pushed to the TV for viewing. Only what you can’t think of, not what you can’t find. HD has no delay and excellent viewing effect.


games are more enjoyable to play: the mobile screen is too small and not fun enough. Use Bijie multi screen cooperative projection equipment, small screen games, large screen play, TV avatar game console, enjoy the convenient operation of the mobile phone and the clear experience of large screen and large perspective.

listening to music shocked the audience: use the same screen device to push the music in the mobile phone to play on the TV and turn it into a home KTV in seconds. Enjoy TV stereo, touch your ears and have excellent sound quality. The meeting documents can be directly viewed from the meeting report, and it is too troublesome to copy the documents. The use of Bijie multi screen cooperative projection equipment eliminates the trouble of copying, and directly projects the office documents, photos and meeting materials to the large screen for viewing. The appearance of


Bijie multi screen cooperative projection devices is small and portable. They are very suitable for business occasions. They are simple to operate and compatible with multiple operating systems. They support miracast, airplay, googlecast and bjcast (self-developed). As a professional wireless projection device, they are suitable for smart classrooms, business meetings, speeches and other scenes.