Screen casting: from our own screen casting experience, the current mobile phone screen casting mostly uses the push casting of the video software, that is, the TV Resources of the app platform are pushed to the TV, and then the TV broadcast programs.

Screen mirroring: it is the multi screen interactive function module of iPhone and Mac. It mirrors the whole screen of the mobile phone on the large screen, such as the main interface of the mobile phone.

From the perspective of viewing, projection is more in line with our needs when we use mobile phones to watch movies. When we display the mobile phone on the big screen, our focus must be on the big screen. At this time, the mobile phone can’t turn off the screen and must play all the time. It’s a waste of electricity
From the perspective of screen content, when the mobile phone screens, the audio and video resources in the form of streaming media can be pushed, while the ranking image has no resource restrictions, as long as the mobile phone screen can be presented.

In terms of usage, because the wireless display content  is audio and video resources in the form of streaming media, it is more used to watch movies; while the content of the screen image is not limited, so playing games, live broadcasting, office However, the screen image of Apple devices is controlled by the Airplay protocol, and can only be used with devices that support Airplay screen image