Screen casting – Can WeChat videos be cast? How to operate?

Can WeChat videos be broadcasted on the screen? This is a question that many users who want to watch WeChat videos on a wide and large screen urgently want to know. Now let’s give everyone a chance to popularize science.


1. Connect the USB interface between the phone and TV using a data cable

If the videos and photos in WeChat on your phone are downloaded and cached on your phone, you can use a data cable to connect the USB interface between your phone and TV. This way, the phone can serve as a USB flash drive and the TV as a player to play videos and photos from the phone. Note that the screen of the TV should be set to USB input.

2. When playing live videos, it is necessary to share the screen with a smart TV equipped with an Android operating system

If an Android smartphone wants to use a TV to play real-time videos, it usually needs to share the screen with a smart TV equipped with the Android operating system. Fortunately, the newer models of smart televisions are currently Android versions, mostly supporting screen sharing requirements issued by mobile phones.

3. Install screen projection software and screen projection assistant screen projection

Use third-party projection software and projection assistants to project mobile phone content onto the TV. Bijie’s screen projection TV supports mobile phone direct screen projection TV, which can be installed and used in the TV application store.