Screen casting – iPhone screen casting method to Apple computer

Use the built-in QuickTime Player on Mac system for screen mirroring

1.Connect the iPhone and Mac using a USB cable.

2. Then enter the application center and open the system’s built-in software, QuickTime Player.

3. In the menu bar [File], find [New Movie Recording]

4. In the QuickTime Player recording interface, find the red recording button and click the small arrow next to it.

5. Select your phone from the drop-down menu to project the phone screen onto the computer.

Of course, this method can not only project the screen, but also record the operation of your phone screen into a video.

Another drawback of this method is that it does not synchronize the sound of the phone when projecting to the Mac.


Using AirServer software

Its function is very simple, which is to move the screen of an iPhone or iPad onto a computer and share the device’s screen together.

1. Install and open the “Airserver” software on a Mac, provided that it is connected to the same network;

2.After installing this software, a list of devices available for AirPlay will be displayed on the iPhone or iPad. Select “Screen Mirroring” in the iPhone control center, select your Mac, and achieve screen mirroring

Using the “Reflector” software

It is a very good mobile device remote control software, mainly used for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, transferring screen mirroring to Mac, not only controlling but also recording. It is similar to AirServer, which can turn a Mac into an AirPlay terminal, displaying screen images on iOS devices on the Mac, playing videos, images, and more.

Its advantages over AirServer include the ability to add device borders to iOS screen images displayed on Mac, the ability to set border types and colors, the ability to record iOS mirrored videos, and the ability to force display in landscape or portrait mode.

In addition, when connecting iPhone and Mac through it, it is necessary to provide a “gap play” code.

You need to input the dynamic verification code displayed on this software on Mac into your iPhone in order to connect the two.