Screen casting – mobile phone screen casting to Win7 computer

Win7 computer screen projection onto projectors and all-in-one machines

1. Connect the wireless screen projection to the large screen via VGA or HDMI cable;

2. Ensure that the computer and Bijie wireless screen projection box are in the same local area network;

3. On the computer end, the signal is sent to the wireless screen projection box through a transmitter braid, or through the driver APP signal end;

4. This way, our computer screen will appear on the large screen.

Mobile screen projection has become very popular for large screens such as computers, televisions, all-in-one machines, and projectors. However, yesterday a friend inquired online, “Is it possible to use mobile screen projection if the company still uses Windows 7 computers?”

If it were a computer used for office use in the company, the editor did not consider changing computer configurations or downloading screen projection software, and directly introduced wireless screen projection devices.

As a professional cross platform and screen sharing device, Bijie Wireless Screen Projection has no restrictions on mobile phones and can be used directly on both Android and Apple phones; On the other hand, it can not only help us project the Win7 computer screen on our mobile phones, but also wirelessly project the Win7 computer screen onto projectors and all-in-one machines during meetings. With professional cross platform equipment, it can fully achieve multiple uses for one machine.