Screen casting – What is the reason for phone screen casting stuttering?

Many people may have encountered a lag in mobile phone screen projection TV, which affects the screen projection experience. So why does mobile phone screen projection experience lag?This article will introduce the reasons for screen lag and the solutions to it.

There are only two types of projection requirements for large screens such as mobile phone projection TV and projector. One is DLNA projection for watching TV, and the other is mirror projection for interactive display of large and small screens.

DLNA screen projection and TV lag

When we use the ‘TV’ projection in the video app on our mobile phone, such as when the phone and TV (projection device) are on the same LAN, and the phone is projected onto the TV, there is generally no lag phenomenon. If lag occurs, it is mostly due to poor network or issues with the source itself.

Because the essence of DLNA screen projection is that the TV accesses the URL of the TV program through the network and then plays it. The phone here is just a function of a remote control.

Mirror projection

Mirror projection refers to the display of the same content on the phone and the large screen after projection. For example, when we use a wireless projection device to synchronize the phone’s screen with the TV, if there is a lag, it is basically due to the following reasons:

1. Poor quality of screen projector/same screen projector, issues with screen projector software

It is common for home screen projectors to experience lag after mobile phone screen projection, as they are priced lower or free. After all, you get what you pay for.It is recommended to choose enterprise level projectors such as Bijie projectors in formal company meeting rooms and multimedia classrooms.

2. The issue of distance between devices

Generally, the built-in wireless WIFI distance of the screen projector is within 30 meters, and it is required that there should be no solid walls, glass cabinets, or metal TV cabinets between the phone and the projector. After all, most current wireless screen projectors use 5G frequency band signal transmission, which has fast transmission speed but low penetration.

3. Mobile phone issues

After the image projection, the mobile phone image and the large screen are displayed synchronously. If there are many applications in the background of our mobile phone, the mobile phone is equivalent to a signal source. If the mobile phone itself is stuck, the wireless projection screen on the TV will also be too laggy.

4. Signal frequency band

The signal frequency band is mainly aimed at commercial screen projectors. If we use a screen projector and the screen is stuck, we can see if the signal frequency band has been replaced.