Screen casting – What’s wrong with the automatic shutdown and restart of the phone? How to solve it?

The automatic shutdown and restart of a mobile phone is usually caused by the battery approaching failure; If it can be confirmed that the battery is in good condition, the automatic shutdown, restart, and other fault phenomena are caused by the built-in power supply part of the phone, usually due to a malfunction in the power board. In addition, viruses in mobile phones can also cause them to shut down and restart without any reason.

How to solve the problem of mobile phones always restarting automatically

1. Caused by viruses in mobile phones

Viruses are commonly used, such as using mobile phone security guards to scan and disinfect the phone first, and then thoroughly clean it up.

2. Too many software downloads

Too many software downloads can also cause phone restarts. It is recommended to uninstall some unnecessary software like this.

3. Software conflict issues

Upgrading software is also one of the important reasons that can cause the phone to shut down. It is often due to software conflicts that cause the system to automatically restart. At this point, simply uninstall the software that caused the conflict.

4. Restore factory settings

If it is uncertain what software or plugin is causing frequent restarts on your phone, you can choose to restore the phone to its factory settings and pay attention to saving important items on your phone before doing so.

Can the phone still be used after being shut down and restarted without any reason

If the phone is shut down and restarted without reason, it can still be used, but the premise is that you find the cause and solve it well. Generally speaking, if the phone is shut down and restarted without reason, in addition to the problems mentioned above, hardware problems can also cause the phone to restart. SIM card errors are common hardware problems. Change a SIM card to your phone and see if there is a restart situation to determine if it is a SIM card issue.